Dimitris Koustoumpardis

A right & left brain professional who has worked in different key positions. In 2016, moved to Paris where he started and finally graduated from HEC Executive MBA. 



Principal Consultant

  • Luxirium

› Helping brands unleash their luxury potential!


Commercial Director

  • FA.CA.D’ORO S.A.

› Managed the wholesale & retail sales team for Greek, Cyprus and Balkans territory by conducting frequent retail store visits (B2B retailers, franchise boutiques). 

› Took part in the creation of a new brand strategy focusing on high-end ranges to differentiate the brand. Awarded a place in “Top seven Superbrands” for jewellery & watches by Superbrands.

› Allocated resources (tangible and intangible) accordingly, in order to reach and exceed the firm’s established business goals. Supported a boost in both sales revenue and margin, by 40% and 20% respectively.

› Created concept and delivered a new “Surrealism” limited collection. Inspired by Dali’s, The Persistence of Memory. Directed promotion video to convey the spirit of the brand and the story of the collection.


Marketing Director

  • FA.CA.D’ORO S.A.

› Tailored retail marketing initiatives to be relevant to the brand universe.  Ensured the implementation of prime window location, merchandising, staffing and mystery shopping throughout the brand’s retail environments.

› Drove the company's digital transformation by integrating on and off-line business. Created in-house digital team and achieved 100%+ online revenue growth each year for three years.

› Managed product development. Analysed the existing competition, internal data (TO/units/price segment/clients) and assessed changes in customer preferences. Guided internal/external designers in the creation of new collections.


Finance Manager

  • FA.CA.D’ORO S.A.

› Planned and controlled budgets, costs, sales, and financial business performance. Proposed cost-effective solutions.

› Measured ROI of corporate investments, including all new store openings. Proposed suggestions to maximise profit, by benchmarking the best practices across the stores, shared and built on good ideas. 

› Managed the relationships and negotiated the key terms with all major retailers, department stores, and suppliers.


Assistant Finance Manager

  • FA.CA.D’ORO S.A.

› Managed internal inventory audits and investigated and resolved discrepancies.

› Conducted sales performance analysis by SKU and defined sales commissions with sales teams.

› Negotiated payment terms with customers, credit terms with suppliers and interest rates and terms with banks.



Executive MBA

  • HEC Paris


LVMH/HEC Certificate

Excellence in Client Experience


HEC/Bocconi Certificate

Advanced Certificate in Luxury


B.Sc. in Economics

  • University of Piraeus