As Digital is shaking up the luxury sector-in many cases, faster than expected, in my last two previous positions I put a significant amount of energy taking care of digital business. Besides initiating the 3D printing Technology in product development, during the last five years, I steered the investments towards Web Technologies. I have created and in-house digital team and drove the company’s digital transformation to achieve 100%+ online revenue growth each year for three years and 8% of total sales coming from Digital.

Physical stores and the e-shop are interrelated. A brand should always keep in mind that physical stores cannot be substituted. As far as the luxury strategy is concerned, the physical stores have the greatest impact on sales. Thus, in order to enhance the physical presence in stores and to serve “see now, buy now”, our team has created a feature that enables a client to request a product to be shipped and presented at the physical store.

As Digital in B2B is also key, I instilled a digital mindset in the organisation. This new “digital” DNA included new trade show display, ERP & CRM implementation, and creation of B2B online platform.